I don't know what to say about this cuticle cream.  I'll say this, I'm going to finish it, but I'm not sure I'll ever repurchase.  Let me explain.

The Good: This has the most heavenly scent of lemon and being Burt's Bees it is mostly natural.  Being solid it can be traveled easily without leaking, and it's nearly impossible to use too much.  

The Bad: It's kind of sticky and gets all over the packaging.  That means when I open the packaging my hands are already sticky before I ever even touch the product.  The product has to be worked to warm up and then rubbed into the skin.  

I think this is a good product and when you need a deeper cuticle condition *ahem* you haven't been taking care of your hands *ahem*, but over all I prefer an oil.  I've used the Sally Hansen cuticle oil in a pen that smells of marzipan.  You know the one.  I liked the ease of application better.

I have another cuticle oil from Butter London that I'm planning on reviewing soon so keep your eyes peeled for that one.