Murad is a brand that I thought I would like.  Seems well researched and the product lines seem easy enough.  Their acne fighting line also seems to be quite well received in the beauty community and, in my opinion, getting skincare for acne prone skin seems to be a lot tougher than skincare for dry or normal skin.  

So, imagine my surprise when I bought this simple little toner from Murad and hated it.  I mean, loathed.  I tried to use it.  I didn't notice that it hurt my skin at all but the smell was obnoxious.  Just an extremely strong chemical smell.  I am overly sensitive to smells so something that bothers me may not bother anyone else so I determined to persevere.  

My boyfriend came off tour to visit for two nights and when I had done my evening skin regimen he kissed my cheek and exclaimed, "I hate the way your face smells!"  I knew right then it was over between the Murad Essential-C Toner and I and the next day I promptly exchanged it at Sephora for another toner that I am much more pleased with.  More on that at a later date.

In short, my advice to you, dear reader, would be that if you aren't seriously in love with chemical scents or simply unable to smell at all to stay far way from this one.  

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