So, before I can review this toner I have to give an adequate back story.  A gentleman who shall remain nameless, but is very important to me has struggled with his skin for his entire youth and young adult life.  I have never offered any advice to him because I think having bad skin is kind of like being "overweight".  People constantly bringing it up and telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing to fix the problem.  

Eventually he said something to me about his displeasure with his face and his frustration with not being able to clear his skin no matter what he used.  I asked him what he was using and he used a single drugstore scrub on his face daily.  That's right folks.  A single product.  A scrub. Twice daily.  *sigh* Boys!

Off we went to the mall and I dragged him into LUSH to get some samples to see if he would use the products.  Fast forward and his face is fixed.  He loves his regimen and it loves him.  So, the last time we stopped by LUSH to pick up a few products for him I was smelling the smells, as ya do, and picked up this toner.

I'm currently, as you well know, working on using up all the hoards of products I have that I need to get through so I was finishing up this Bobbi Brown product in my toner step that I liked, but wasn't necessarily sold on repurchasing.  Finished that and picked up this...

HOLY MOTHER OF REFRESHING! I love this toner!  This toner smells so clean and fresh.  It is so nice and moisturizing and it's inexpensive.  It was $9.95 USD for this size and I think it is so worth it.  I really, really recommend this product for someone with normal or slightly dry skin.  This has made my skin, and me, very happy.

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