Forever ago Anna of Vivanna Does Makeup fame mentioned/raved about this product from Sally Hansen.  Clearly I'm a lemming and if Anna says it's nice then I must own so I bought it.  Used it once.  Loved the result.  Promised myself I would use regularly and then shoved it in a drawer and ignored it.  This seems to be the common theme of my entire life.

I pulled this out recently to try and make sure I'm using products regularly and not hoarding them until they are expired and of no use to me.  

I don't cut my cuticles.  Seems cutting cuticles can cause more trouble that it's worth.  I simply squirt this product on and allow it to sit for five minutes then I take a nail tool and gently push my cuticles back.  The result is a nail with freshly manicured appearance and no nicks or soreness from cutting the cuticles.  

I purchased this at Wal-Mart, but it's sold in tons of stores here in the US.  If you are the type to give yourself manicures rather than get them I cannot recommend this product enough.  Save yourself the stress and invest.

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