Y'all, Y'all, Y'all.  What can I say?  Sometimes those point perks, or kits, Sephora always has work for you.  You know?  This is one of those times.  I'm pretty sure this was a 100 point-perk thanks to my ever rising VIB points balance at Sephora.

I love Ole Henriksen's Truth To Go Vitamin C Wipes so when I saw a chance to try the accompanying serum I was all over that faster than I could say, "I'd like to cash in 100 points please!"  Lord does this "ish" smell good.  Oh yeah, and it works too.  

The smell is the same as the rest of the Ole Henriksen Vitamin C line.  Kind of like a sweetened citrus.  It doesn't have that kick citrus scents usually have just a very mellow and delicious odor.  As you can see it is an orange color but appears clear once blended and this little guy has been doing me a treat.

Every night I mix a few pumps of this with my oil of choice for the evening and apply all over my face and neck.  I have some thicker serums that I've been reaching for most of the winter but this little guy just won't be tossed aside.  I keep reaching for him!  

He smells good,  he leaves my skin glowing and healthy, and he's the easiest thing to apply I've had in ages.  Now, if only I could get over the eye watering price of $48 for 1 oz or $72 for 1.7 oz.  I'm anxious about the loss of this little sample and the hit my account is going to take replacing it.

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